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Helping Readers Grow Their Skills

Offering programs to assist educators

with struggling readers in Grades 2 to 6.

Knowledge. Attitude. Skills.

The vision for KAS Corporation Ltd. is that our clients will experience a change in their knowledge, attitudes and/or skills. As a result of the educational experience provided by KAS, clients will be better equipped to work effectively with their target audience.


For each project, our mission is to deliver an educational experience that makes things better (more knowledge, improved attitude and better skills) as defined by the client. Our job on each mission is to meet or exceed client expectations.

Struggling Readers Program

This unique online course is based on the five pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, together with various diagnostic reading tools.  

Developed using research on the science of reading combined with years of classroom and teaching experience, this program is designed to mentor teachers who are helping struggling readers. 

This online course utilizes video clips, quizzes, assignments, and discussion boards through an easy-to-use learning management system, facilitated by a reading specialist. 

At the Library

“Reading for pleasure is the single biggest factor in success later in life, outside of an education. Study after study has shown that those children that read for pleasure are the ones who are most likely to fulfill their ambitions. If your child reads, they will succeed – it’s that simple.”


Bali Rai, author

Blonde Boy Reading

“I attended the Struggling Readers workshop the summer of 2019.  This five-day workshop was the most authentic and practical professional development I have ever experienced. Through a series of intensive instructional sessions combined with hands-on experience administering the Diagnostic Reading Tool, I learned how to assess students and program interventions based on their individual needs.  Joanne Heckbert’s wealth of knowledge around the science of reading is second to none.  I highly recommend this workshop for all teachers in grades 2-6, and even up to junior high.  All teachers are teachers of reading, and the more we understand the reading process the better equipped we are to support our students on their reading journeys.” 

Barbara Madsen,

BEd, Med

Girl Reading

“I consider myself fortunate to have been able to benefit from the expertise of Joanne Heckbert. A consummate professional, Joanne is highly skilled in coaching teachers on how to use effective lessons, methods, techniques and resources that support struggling readers. I have been teaching for over 15 years but spending one week with Joanne revolutionized my program and made my lessons more intentional and far more effective. Her expertise will equip the seasoned teacher and the beginning teacher alike.”

Rhonda Van Lent, Teacher, EPSB

Girl Reading a Book

"I have known Joanne for almost a decade. In that time, she has supported teachers, parents and students in my school communities. What makes Joanne's work so pivotal to the development of literacy for severely delayed readers, is her undaunted passion and belief that all children can learn to read."


"Joanne's research proven literacy development strategies for struggling readers are built solidly on the 5 Pillars of Literacy. This lens has created a critical foundation for teaching and learning that begins with teacher capacity building in areas of development that pre-service teacher training does not necessarily emphasize in relation to severely delayed readers." 

Christina Jones,

MEd, Principal

School Kids

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